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May 2014


Week One through Four:

Whoops......missed it, it's now June. Time really does fly!  Anyway here's a very brief summary of what we got up to in MAY. My version of "very brief" may be long so be warned.

Another busy working month for the retired seniors. Getting tired of all the hard physical labor, however there is a break in sight. We spent May repairing the numerous things that needed attention around the house. One of the major jobs was redoing our deck. We decided to tackle the large (20 x 16 ft) job ourselves, and as it turned out we are quite happy with the outcome and very happy with the expense! We planned to remove the wooden planks, plane them and return them to their original places. We spent half an hour trying to figure out how we could get the planer out of the basement and into the yard  without injury to one or other of us. It's a heavy piece of equipment. Problem solved, we went to work. After planning three planks the planer gave up, what to do now? We could see $$$$$ in store to repair the machine and time is of the essence as we only have May to get the job done. Brains (Vanessa), said why not just turn the planks over and then we wouldn't need to plane them....what a brilliant idea! Now we don't need the planer and we have to take it downstairs again......darn! The idea of turning the wood was great for most of the deck, and it only necessitated purchasing three new planks to replace ones that had strange cuts in them. It took about a week to do the job including sealing/painting it all, and it cost about  $300 in materials. Do you know Farrel's song "Happy"...ditto.

We took a quick trip down to NC to watch Hannah compete in the Nations Duathlon in Cary. It was a great day. She was first in her age group, third overall for women, and she qualified for the World Championships to be held in Switzerland later this year. Very proud parents! Click here for short video .We decided to take our camping gear down with us just in case the weather was good. Well it was and we stopped at Kerr Lake, NC on our way home and camped for the night. That will not happen again any time soon. Andrew's knee is not good and camping under those circumstances was really quite foolish. We took with us a bottle of red wine to celebrate Han's success. Well, the wine bottle was corked and we didn't have a cork screw in the supplies (that has now been rectified). Andrew tried to open the bottle with a knife and yes, you can guess, the wine went all over his off white pants and shirt! Can you believe not one person, we asked 3, could provide us with a corkscrew. Won't go camping there again!

We also went to see our grandchildren participate in their first 1K race. It was a delight. We've seen more of them this month because we've been at home. They are really growing up fast.

Well, that's about it for now. Another hectic month in store. Perhaps we'll take a few more pictures if we can remember where we put the camera!

The twins ready to race.

The refurbished deck

The new trailer