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November 2012

Week One:

We had a very smooth ride across the Atlantic, however we don't think we will go on such as big a boat again. The EPIC is 155,000 tons and has up to 4000 passengers on board. Just too big.

Vanessa is still in some pain with the leg and we are keeping our fingers crossed when we get to see some medical staff next week.

The boat stopped in St. John's and we got off for a few hours. Andrew is happy that he has no cooking or washing up ..... until next week.


The route across the Atlantic.

St. John's harbor

St. John's harbor

St. John's harbor

Hop a long having cocktails on the balcony

Lunch aboard Epic

Triva group "Tally Ho"


Week Two:

Our departure from the ship went very smoothly considering we had mega baggage, wheelchair, crutches and the kitchen sink! We arranged for our cases to disappear the night before we docked and not show up again until we got to Baltimore.....,magic.  Even though Hurricane Sandy caused multiple flight delays and cancellations our flight was on time. Our son was there to meet us and what a welcome sight he was.

A quick check of the house revealed no visible damage from the ravages of the storm Sandy. We were among the lucky ones. We have yet to go and check on the boat.  Early the following morning we went to the ER and it was a good job too as they discovered a blood clot in Vanessa's leg. She was promptly given medicine to avert any more trouble. Since then it's been doctor visits all week long. She's now in a walking boot so that makes life a bit easier.

The repairs and household jobs are underway. With only one of us able to do the work it is going to take a bit longer to get things done, but we have all winter! (Hi friends in Abaco, we miss you). The cuisine this week is certainly different than onboard the EPIC, but chef Andrew is doing a great job and hopefully we'll lose all the weight we gained on the cruise.

It has been very chilly in MD this week, so we now are thinking about getting our log supply in for the winter. Oh so many things to do!

We've seen Hannah and the girls too this week. Han came over and cooked us dinner and we had a lovely time with the family.

We are happy to be home and are slowly settling in for the winter.


Weeks Three & Four:

We have been at home for almost three weeks now and the house is a disaster. Stuff everywhere! Vanessa hasn't been able to get around too well, although things are looking up and she can now walk around unaided. However moving up and down the stairs are a bit of a pain as she's still in the big boot. She's having to sleep in it too, neither of us are getting much sleep.

Anyway, we are making progress with the chores. We've begun the big re-upholstery jobs on the Chesterfield  settee and Victorian "love" seat. We think we may have bitten off more than we can chew with this project....time will tell. See pics below. 

Andrew has been working hard on the "TO DO" list and slowly but surely we are wiping the slate clean. Mathew, our son came over last week and decided to extend the list to include jobs to be done at his house  so now he has no excuse for being bored. Truthfully he'll have no time to be bored. Strange thing "time".....it seems to be going faster and faster and we are going slower and slower! I guess this really does mean we are getting old(er).

Thanksgiving was spent at Mathew and Christine's house. Mat made a beautiful meal for us all, it was so good that I think he can do all the entertaining in future. (Sorry boyo, but we are so proud of you) A great evening was had by all. Later the girls joined us for dessert and we then took them home with us for a sleepover. Hannah, free at last for a few hours, went out on the midnight madness Black Friday deal. She wasn't impressed and won't do that again.

Our girls are growing up fast and it's getting better and better interacting with them. They helped rake the leaves in the garden and had a ball helping decorate the Christmas tree. Hopefully there'll be plenty more sleepovers whilst we're home this winter. 

Now we have to get back to work. With any luck the chairs will be done by next week and we'll have somewhere to sit.

The chair is started with the Chesterfield in the background waiting.

The chair half done.

Disaster on the bottom of the Chesterfield with two layers of webbing.

Springs have eaten their way through the jute - did not bargain for this.

Thanksgiving at Mathews and Christine's.

Neighbours table at Clydes 80 th birthday.

Clyde 80 years young.


Week Five:

The upholstery is almost finished. Only a pouf to go! It was jolly hard work and we hope it lasts for a few years although we should have purchased a stronger material in hindsight. Anyway we are quite happy with the outcome. Fortunately this furniture doesn't usually get much wear and tear.  

Andrew has been working hard on finishing the coffee table and that too is looking much better than before. We've been out hunting for a truck to replace the vintage van we currently own (c. 1989). It's been a great vehicle but it has seen better days and we daren't drive it too far away from home. Certainly time for a replacement.

My ankle is on the mend and now it's time to start walking and swimming for physio. I'm getting my mental fix by playing Mahjong with some ladies at our local senior centre. It's only once a week, a far cry from all the activity in the Abacos, but at least I've found a group.

The week has flown by as do they all these days. Our good friends Ellen and Bert, our next door neighbors are leaving us this week and we will be sad to see them go. We will meet our new neighbors later today. The place is a hive of activity.


The button back Chesterfield.

and the soft chair.