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October 2007

This month started off with a bang. Andrew's company agreed to a package that put us onto Tally Ho and get us going south for the winter .......... so Saturday October 6th. we left the dock and started south.


Week One:

We have made it down to Elizabeth City (North Carolina) via the Dismal Swamp. We have done 190 Miles. Weather has been great and we have had a few problems.

Chris and Tina Cherry made a great apple pie for us and we had a little every morning for several days. See here the first bite.

Sunrise leaving Solomons.

Lets keep clear of this one.

Navy ships in harbor at Norfolk.

Lots of security to make sure we kept our distance.

Hospital Point at Norfolk - better known as Mile 0 for the ICW


We tried out the new awning on a 90 Degree day in Norfolk. Seems to work well.

Underneath the awning

Entrance to the lock for the Dismal Swamp.

At sea

About to go up 8 ft.

Narrow channel. Andrew had to concentrate.

The Dismal Swamp

Boaters at Mile 32 Vistor center.

Duck weed got very bad the further we progressed.

Going down 8ft. in thick duck weed.

Arrival at Elizabeth City dock.

Week Two:

Left Elizabeth City at sunrise and headed out across the Albemarle Sound. No wind so we motored yet again. We anchored just before the Alligator canal. Andrew is convinced that if he has a beer at 10 a.m. we then have no problems for the rest of the day. We will see. 

We had a great trip through the Alligator canal and over to Oriental. Here we borrowed a truck and went to the grocery store. Borrowed bikes and went for a ride around town. We met up with fellow cruisers that we previously met in Elizabeth and had everyone over for cocktails.

The weather still is fantastic and could not be better. This part of North Carolina has a major drought at this time so everybody is hoping for some rain.

From Oriental we went through another canal and then to Morehead City and Beaufort which was a little confusing and anchored in a little creek, fully developed with big homes, called Spooner's Creek. This was within easy reach of a Wal-Mart so Vanessa had to go off and buy stuff.


Onwards to a little cove inside of Camp LeJeune. The weather forecast for Friday was not good so we stayed put for the day. Lots of wind but no thunder storm developed.

Along the Alligator Canal


Bike ride in Oriental.

In dock at Orintal

Party in Oriental

Spooners Creek just south of Beaufort NC.

Palm trees.

Camp Lejeune activities.

Now coming in for landing.

Week Three:

Another good week aboard. Those early morning beers seem to be working! Stopped at a marina "Doc Holidays" near Ocean Isle Beach on the border of North and South Carolina and stayed for three days so that we could visit with friends Dave and Mary K. who now live in NC. We had a great time with them at their beautiful custom built home where they have a super washing machine and fantastic shower (see what we really appreciate these days!). At the marina there had been a fishing tournament and the big catch was a Kingfish Mackerel weighing 21 lbs. We were given some very large fillets and Mary K. cooked up a great meal with them.

We said farewell to our sailing convoy, Larry and Fran (Kallista) and Pat and Ray (Reflection), hoping to meet up again in Charleston.

Our journey to Charleston has been interesting with Bald Eagle sightings, alligators and dolphins. Since leaving the marina the weather has been erratic, cold, muggy and raining a lot of the time. Still not in Charleston. Waiting for better weather.


Another swing bridge.

Happy Anniversary Pat & Ray "Reflection"

Ahoy there! North Myrtle beach at sunrise.

Dave & Mary K's house in Ocean Isle, NC

Dave and the girls

Overhead golf gondolas

A cold day on the ICW

Guess What!

I couldn't believe my eyes. We saw 2 of these in Northern SC

A rainy day in Graham Creek about 30 Miles North of Charleston


Week Four:

Another good week. We arrived in Charleston with a massive current running and had to dock the boat at Charleston Harbor Marina. Andrew had a very nervous time bringing the boat into the slip with 60 ft mega yachts each side of us. After that excitement we discovered that the marina had a left a screw in the side of our allotted slip, which unfortunately left a gouge about 2 feet long on our starboard side. The marina graciously offered to have the damage repaired or give us a complementary stay. We took the complementary stay and will have the repair done later when we have other repairs made.

We have been to Charleston before and always have enjoyed the atmosphere and architecture of the town. We took a leisurely walk through the little alleyways and streets in the historic district. There was some flooding downtown and the winds and cold temperatures did not make for a particularly enjoyable stay. Our marina was next to the USS Yorktown (aircraft carrier) so we spent an afternoon exploring that.  After three nights it was time to leave and we headed out this time when the tide was slack. If only we'd had that knowledge on entering!


Vanessa with the new Charleston bridge in the background.

Andrew on the flight deck of the USS Yorktown

Two ships alongside USS Yorktown

Downtown Charleston

Quaint alleyway downtown

Privat garden

One of many church walks

Monarch butterflies at the marina

Downtown Charleston

Charleston Bridge

Battery walk from the ICW

Bill and Anna Marie (Sunshine) and Pat & Ray (reflection) another cocktail party!

On the move..Parris Island (memories Hannah?)

Larry & Fran aboard Kallista

Sunshine at anchor

We've spent a couple of good nights on the hook and have managed to dodge hurricane Noel. We did get some strong winds but that was all. We are now on our way to Savannah. Shall stay at Isle of Hope for a couple of nights and then plan the Georgia trip. This is supposed to be the toughest part of the ICW to negotiate. It has already been quite intense in some spots......so we're keeping our fingers crossed and doing our homework. Fortunately we have quite a flotilla now (four boats) and the planning sessions (cocktail hours) are collaborative efforts. Teamwork!