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October & November  2014


For the past two months Andrew has been recovering from his total knee replacement surgery. The good news is that life is slowly getting back to normal after several weeks of physical therapy, and now with no cane needed he has the capacity to walk so much more than the previous 18 months. His knee is stiff in the mornings but once he gets going all is good.

During his recovery the house was rented so we stayed with Mathew for the few days we couldn't be at home. It worked out well, accommodation for us and general repairs done for him. Vanessa also had some fun Grandma time with the girls whilst Hannah used up her vacation time travelling here, there and everywhere before the Government took it from her.

We have started to travel again. During Thanksgiving we took a 10 day cruise to the Southern Caribbean aboard a Holland American ship ( MS Noordam) that we have been on before. Andrew made a quick video - Click Here  It was a nice break but not really interesting. The islands we visited were all the same apart from Samana, in the Dominican Republic. A very poor and depressed little town. Bonaire had the best water and beaches. Curacao was very pretty with a floating fruit and veg market and a pontoon bridge cutting the town in half. Oranjestad, Aruba was a party town.   Unfortunately Vanessa came home with a ghastly cough that she can't get rid of. In two weeks time we turn around again and head off to Florida for a little warmth...we hope!