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September  2007

September was a great month for weather. Humidity was low and it was not too hot.


Vanessa went aloft once more to insert the LED bulb for the anchor light. This time we took a picture.


We also had good friends stay for an overnighter - Jake and Vickie. Had a great time with them and Jake showed Andrew several new things including how to "hove to". Later that evening we met up with a group from the Hunter Sailing Association for cocktails and had a very pleasant evening.


As we came to the end of the month Andrew's company offered him an early retirement package and we have decided to take the offer and start our adventure NOW. Panic stations to get ready within two weeks. Lots of things to get arranged and onboard.

Look for update in October "Letter Home"

Vanessa getting a great view of Selby Bay.

Vanessa up top to replace the regular bulb with a LED type.

Vickie in cockpit

Jake at the helm

Jake and Vickie

Jake and Vickie took their boat over to Corfu, Greece and plan to be permanent liveaboards in 2008

Andrew and Bill (always with a drink)

Mike and Will (Birthday boy)

Party !

Good food, drink and company