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September  2008

Week One:

September has started with a number of tropical storms and hurricanes. As of the first week we have just had Hanna pass by. Little effect other than a day of high winds and heavy rain. However Ike is headed towards Florida as I write and Josephine is mid Atlantic. Being in the Chesapeake Bay rarely presents any problems with hurricanes however 5 years ago Isabelle did cause a lot of damage so we just need to keep an eye on them.


Andrew stayed on the boat for most of the week and Vanessa gave a helping hand to Hannah with the twins. Andrew cleaned the bilge and Vanessa cleaned the diapers. Andrew changed the oil in the boat motor and Vanessa changed the diapers.

Andrew filled the trunk of the car with drinks to load onto the boat for the Bahamas. We have no idea where we are going to store:

60 Bottles of Merlot

35 Liters of Boxed wine

10 cases of Beer.

6 Bottles of Gin

6 Bottles of Vodka

Note: No Rum since we are told that this is cheap in the islands.

Andrew has promised not to touch this until we hit the Bahamas - However, it looks as if one bottle of wine has gone missing and several beers. Evaporation- I don't think so!

Mathew at home looking after Hannah's dog.

Look - nice pair.

And Vanessa can hold both together.

What's happening here?


Week Two:

We began the week with a street barbeque at home. It was really nice seeing all the neighbors both old and new. We are so fortunate to live in such a great community. Hannah, Bobby, Mathew and the babes were able to join us for a while so that was a bonus. It's rare that we are all together these days.

Our grandchildren are growing nicely and doing all the right things, peeing, pooping, eating and occasionally sleeping! Hannah is wondering what happened to her life...............but she's also enjoying her new life with her little "Twinkies". The week started with a promotion to "Executive Chef" for Mathew. He's now in charge of his own kitchen at another golf course. This is an exciting time for him! Way to go Mat! 

We have spent the week aboard ship. As we arrived at the dock our friends Pat & Ray were there to greet us and invited us to dinner. Pat cooked a family recipe, a delicious treat called "Moose stew". Yes, it was Moose, the big beast kind not the fluffy dessert (mousse), and it was great. We had a lovely evening reminiscing and getting excited about our upcoming adventures.

Pat and Vanessa spent some time together sewing (for the babes, of course). Thank you Pat! Andrew and Ray went shopping to their favorite store (ha, ha) "West Marine".

We had some guests this week, Bob (a long time friend and coworker of Andrew's) and Jayne, his wife, for the afternoon. It's been almost 20 years since we'd seen Jayne, so we had lots of catching up to do.

One thing you should never say owning a boat is how great it is that everything seems to be working.....it's the kiss of death.  Been there, done that........yesterday! And what d'ya know - today the battery charger is dead. It's only 6 months old! Unfortunately the spare is at home. The fridge has been off for hours and of course it's Friday evening and there's no customer service centre open.  The good news is we're at the dock and not leaving town for another couple of weeks, so hopefully we can get it all sorted soon.

Ah well, there goes another week.

Street barbeque.

Revving up for the Macarena (is that how you spell it?)

Wally's toy tractor!

What have we here? Sleeping at the party!

Ray, Pat and Andrew after a hearty Moose dinner.

Andrew, Jayne and Bob.



Week Three:

Gosh, time flies when you're having fun! We both went home to do a few last minute tasks and Vanessa stayed and spent most of the week with "guess who"? She just can't get enough of the girls. Hannah is turning out to be Supermum! She is extremely busy of course, but she's handling her new lifestyle amazingly well. It's going to be tough leaving our family for a few months.

The battery charger is fixed for now....it was a bad fuse (or I should say, the wrong fuse!) For those of you who know what a macerator is...well, need I say more. Just another (smelly) thing to fix! Oh yes, I nearly forgot - we've got a leak in the dinghy, and we're lucky we know where it's coming from, but that's where our luck runs out. We can't get to it ourselves so it's back to Apex with several $$$$$ for a patch job. And so it continues!

We went to our old marina for a party on Friday night. It was great seeing our sailing neighbors again. Then some old friends, Jane and Liz, popped in to visit us on Tally Ho on Saturday.

Art, Rita and Nancy...marina party. Rita makes a killer drink!!!

Paul at the marina party

Don and the marina owner.

Good friends, Jane and Liz. Lunch on Tally Ho.

Week Four:

The final week before we leave to go south and we still have things to do. However we are as ready as we can be and it's time to go. Things will go wrong but that's life on a boat.

We spent a couple of days at home this week and we had guests for two nights.....Hannah, Chloe and Kendall. Bobby stayed at home to get some much needed sleep......wish the rest of us had been with him! We loved having all our girls around us and we had a taster of what it's like living with twins. Hannah certainly has her work cut out for her. It was a wonderful couple of days and we shall certainly miss them all.

We got back to the boat on Friday, in time for a reunion with "Kallista" aka Fran & Larry. Unfortunately weather stopped the rest of the flock from participating. We enjoyed chatting over old times and had a great lunch at Mamma's on the Halfshell in Canton.

At the weekend we drove home to say our farewells to the family and then Mathew and his girlfriend, Christine, drove us back to the boat. We enjoyed an early lunch with them and now we are ready to go! Grocery shopping done, water in the tanks and all the "stuff" stowed.  We actually look like "liveaboards" now with our jerry cans stowed on the deck. Hope it doesn't hamper the sailing!

Our lovely girls. One month old already!

Who's who?

Chloe in pink, Kendall in purple.

We can't get enough of them.

From left to right: Ray, Andrew,Larry,Fran,Vanessa and Pat having a great reunion lunch in Canton.

Mat's new jacket for work. Go Mat.

Mat and Christine saying goodbye to us on Sunday. Gosh they seem happy!