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September  2009

Week One:

The week started well. We left the dock and anchored overnight in Mill Creek. Due to the holiday weekend there were many boats and we rocked about until late evening. The following day we sailed down to the Rhode River to meet with our friends in the HSA1 (Hunter Sailing Assoc.). After cocktails aboard Natural Magic (Will and Mari’s boat) we watched the fireworks at dark. It was great. Unfortunately the weather forecast was not too good so the next day we headed back to Baltimore and stopped again just off Mill Creek in a much quieter spot.


On the trip up and down the Bay Andrew managed to catch 3 fish with his new rod. None were big enough for dinner, or at least the biggie got away! We seemed to be going so much slower than all the other boats and we thought we’d picked up a crab pot or something else??? It turned out that our dinghy, which we towed behind, had lost it’s stopper and was full of water. We thought we’d found our problem but as luck would have it we still were slow. Time for a bottom clean!!!


Back at the dock, plugged in and getting comfy…you know what’s coming!! All hell broke loose “raw sewage”. I shan’t go into detail…Most of us have been there, done that…so why did we have to deal with it again?  Ah the joys of boat ownership. We needed a cup of tea to calm ourselves, but the darned stove top won’t light – what’s going on. Well, I’ll tell you: Vanessa has gone home to baby-sit and Andrew has gone to buy the booze. Perhaps when we return all will be well.  SEE YA!


A little small for dinner.

Great fireworks in the Rhode River

Ravens Cheerleaders downtown Baltimore

Week Two:

Andrew went home to collect  a few more things, Vanessa being one of them, and to say goodbye to Hannah, Bobby and our two beautiful grandchildren, the next day Mathew drove us both back to the boat and said goodbye, so here we are car less again.

This is our last week at the dock in Baltimore and we have spent our days cleaning the top deck and also stowing the final supplies for the trip South. Andrew spent most of one day putting the beer into various spots around the boat and we have now run out of available niches for Vanessa's important stuff! Also we have forgotten where some of the supplies have been put, so, as we now locate the goodies we add them to a spreadsheet we have generated. However there is so much beer that wherever you look you can find some.

One of this weeks problems was the float switch that should drain the waste from Andrew's shower failed. We took it apart and taped a little polystyrene under the lever to give it some more strength........... seems to have solved the problem for now. 

The "Pride of Baltimore" in Baltimore

Vanessa hard at work cleaning.


Week Three:

We had a good sail from Baltimore to Harness Creek, in the South River. On the way Andrew noticed what he thought was a hole in the mainsail - just another thing to look at once we're hauled. Spent the night anchored with all the weekend warriors. (It wasn't so long ago that we were one of them). It's at times like these when you reflect on how fortunate you are to not be on a schedule! However, we were.....we left the anchorage bright and early Sunday morning to arrive at our old stomping grounds "Holiday Point Marina", to be hauled on Monday for a hull wax and bottom paint. A quick check of the mainsail and we're OK (deep sigh of relief). We spent our time on the hard doing HARD work. Vanessa scrubbed the electrical hoses and fenders, cleaned the bilge, whilst Andrew took leisurely walks along the docks. Get the picture!!!! Actually he was suffering from a stiff neck (quit laughing, it's painful). Funny how it's all better now we're back in the water.

We spent three days/nights on the hard. No refrigeration, or AC, but plenty of friendly faces to bide the time away. Mike  (Troubadour ) had dinner with us one night and then brought wine over the following afternoon. We had coffee with Don and Patty (Chaos), cocktails with Randy and Helen (Bay Dream), drinks with Art and Lynn (Blue Dragon) and briefly got to say hi to Rita and Paul (Healing Reeja). It was good seeing everybody.

We left the dock at 8:00am Friday morning with very breezy conditions, rain and cooling temps. Time to hurry South! It was a great fast sail down to Solomon's where we met some of our HSA friends for dinner (Sue and Carl, Terry and Bill). A cool/cold evening...time to HURRY South!

Goobye Frank (Sea Smoke).

Au revoir Glenn & Dana

Farewell Baltimore.

Harness Creek....early!

$$$$ in the yard!

Vanessa's first attempt (and last) at a hooded jacket. Hope two babes can fit in it together!

Getting a free ride.

Hunter Sailing Association. Dinner at Stoney's.

Hello, Don and Patty - Holiday Point



Week Four:

Another early start out of Solomon's and a rough ride across the mouth of the Potomac river. The winds were around 20 - 25k all day and they picked up to 30k at night. This was not a good sail.........the jib sheet got fouled in the winch and the wench was not much use in helping to free it. The captain saved the day and winched it off one winch onto another. Then the diesel and water tanks worked loose on deck and it was a dangerous task trying to anchor them securely again. Tired and a little nauseous we decided to pull in at Reedville for a night or two. Our friends Walt and Mary (Orion) had kindly offered the use of their dock and we were really grateful for the security.  Reedville is a charming little place and the locals are very friendly people. The only drawback is that communications i.e. Internet, TV and cell phone access are very limited........how did we survive!!! Securely tied up, a pleasant view, a good book and a cocktail in hand, and who cares about all that stuff!

The weather was not cooperating so we left Reedville and took a short hop to Indian Creek. We stayed at the Chesapeake Boat Basin Marina. This is a good spot. $1.00 per ft. Great showers, new bikes to use and a pleasant lounge. We rode into Kilmarnock which is only 1 3/4 miles away and collected groceries and enjoyed the ambience of another quaint little town. The following day we headed for Deltaville, a short and easy sail. We anchored in Jackson Creek at 11am. We lowered the dinghy and went ashore for a walk around the boatyard. It's always fun to look at other boats........especially when you see one's you know, Tarwathie was on the hard and Dick and Libby were hard at work cleaning the bottom. What a pleasant surprise it was to see them. Later that afternoon we were sitting in the cockpit and saw "Propinquity" Mary and Paul (whom we met in the Abacos) motor in to be hauled for bottom cleaning also. What a small world it is! We had cocktails with them, said goodbye and left early the next morning.

Our sail from Deltaville to Portsmouth was wonderful. NW winds at 15k. As we entered the Norfolk area we were greeted by the Coast Guard threatening deadly force if we didn't stay well clear of the incoming submarine. We kept our distance and then were nearly swallowed up by two huge ships passing each other. It was a little hairy for a while. We pulled up at High Street Landing and got a decent night's sleep.

The week has flown by. We are now in Elizabeth City after another full day traveling the Dismal Swamp. We stopped at Lake Drummond in the Swamp and dinghied up to the lake area. Beautiful scenery and we were all alone. Spent the night at the NC Visitor center.  Resting up for a day or two...................


Early morning start from Deltaville

Submarine comming into the Naval Base in Norfolk.

Up behind another container ship going into Norfolk

An old "Buy Boat" at the musuem in Reedville.

One of the oldest houses in Reedville c.1885

Tally Ho at Walt and Mary's dock in Reedville

Getting the dingy up to the level of Lake Drummond from the level of the canal.

Lake Drummond on a sunny day.