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September  2010

Week One:

Most of our time has been spent getting ready to leave ....... on the big ship and on Tally Ho, and also getting the house ready for the winter.

Our time at home has flown by and we have not seen as much of the family as we'd have liked. Our grandchildren are changing by the day and seem to know who we are now so it will be even more difficult to leave. Our son is buying his first home and we will not be around to help him (mixed feelings on that one).

We were invited to the wedding of the daughter of our friends, Linda & Pete, and we had a lovely evening.

Thursday, we got on board "Enchantment of the Seas" in Baltimore to head up to Canada for 9 days. Nice to have somebody else doing all the work and cooking. It's getting cool in Maine!

Wedding of Brianna & Noah

The big boat.

Week Two:

The big boat took us up to Portland, Maine, then to Bar Harbor, Maine, then on to St.John in New Brunswick, Canada and Halifax, Nova Scotia and finally back to Boston.

Weather was good but the average age of the passengers must have been over 70, many walking sticks and wheelchairs. Lots of food choices but the quality was somewhat poor. It didn't stop us eating though!

In Portland we rented a car and took a drive down to Kennebunkport and saw the town and President Bush's house on the water. We also went up to Freeport to see the LL Bean outlet. Not really our scene...but we can now say "been there done that".

At Bar Harbor, we took a narrated trolley tour of Arcadia National Park and went up the top of Cadillac Mountain. Ollie's Trolley's does a fine job!

In St. John we met up with Emery and Patti, our friends (Ex Honeywind) who live close to town. They gave us the royal tour....super hosts! We had a great lunch with them and also Mike and Karen (Ex Honeywind crew). We look forward to seeing everyone again when we get down south. We did have an anxious moment, after saying goodbye to our friends, when we boarded the boat and realized we'd left our jackets and phone in Emery's car! HAYLP!!! We're lost without the phone. Fortunately they found our gear and rushed to the pier just before we departed.

In Halifax we rented a car again and went on a drive to Peggy's Cove. Lots of people at Peggy's cove and Andrew spent some time removing them from the photo we took around the lighthouse.- see Photo below. We didn't spend much time at Peggy's Cove due to the crowds, so we took a drive to two other coves that few people go to and discovered "Heritage Park" that was a memorial to the 562 people that perished after the SS Atlantic ship had hit the rocks in 1873. They had lots of artifacts and a list of the passengers ......... all so very young, leaving home in Ireland to make a new life overseas. At the interpretation centre we were the only visitors in town and our knowledgeable host made us a pot of tea that was terrific.

Back onboard Vanessa had to try the rock climbing...... who wants to go rock climbing on a ship..... Vanessa. There were no lines for this activity since most of the passengers were in the lounge asleep with their mouths open. 

In Boston we had a tour around the town via the on and off trolley, and went aboard the "USS Constitution" which is still floating after 200 years. We had to listen to how the Constitution overcame the British ship HMS Guerriere about 3 times. We kept our mouths shut!

Back to Baltimore on Saturday morning and a very quick exit from the ship and we were home by 10 a.m. which was great.

We are now getting ready for setting sail on Tally Ho this coming Wednesday to head south.




Dressed for dinner ........ not like the sailboat.

Bar Harbor from the top of Cadilac Mountain

Restaurant in Bar Harbor

President Bush house in Kennybunkport

Good friends Patti and Emery from Bahamas sailing.

The Market in St. John

Patti, Emery, Karen, Vanessa and Mike and Andrew in the front row.

Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia.

Terence Bay where the S.S.Atlantic sank in 1873

The memorial to the 562 souls lost on the S.S. Atlantic

The great rock climber, Vanessa....notice Andrew didn't participate!

The main deck aboard the ship.

Our dinner table friends. Kenneth, Rebecca, Andrew, Mike & Sharon. Vanessa, Stacey and Mike.

USS Constitution - new hatch covers.

The gun deck USS Constitution.

USS Constitution

Cheers Pub in Boston

Downtown Boston.


Week Three:

The house is clean and winterized and we have said our goodbyes to the family (that was tough). Our  friend and neighbor, Bob, drove us in our van to the boat and we all watched her get lowered into the water then we went for lunch and a last minute shopping spree before Bob took the van home. We aren't quite fully stocked and it's somewhat of an adjustment to go from home back to the confines of the boat again. It will take a week or two to get back in the swing of things regarding water usage, cool food storage, hand pumping the loo etc.

We stayed at the dock for an extra day due to bad weather. Fueled up and with full water tanks we set sail (motored) to Oxford where we met up with the HSA members for drinks. Next stop Solomon's Island to visit more friends.

Tally Ho getting launched.

Vanessa doing some voice recording whilst on the boat.


Week Four:

We had a great time visiting with our HSA club, seeing old friends and making new ones. The sail from Oxford to Solomon's was good and we anchored way up the creek with protection from the foul weather due to arrive the following day. Upon entering the creek we saw our good friends Sandy and Jeff (Oasis) at Calvert Marina. They motored up to see us and invited us for dinner the following evening. The weather was awful but we found a break in the rain and dinghied over, only to find another friend, Dave (Canvasback Too) in the dock next to Oasis. A quick hello to Dave and the rain started so we rushed in to dinner. We had a lovely evening and left  during the next rain break. Earlier in the day we had problems with our little outboard so we had attached the heavy devil.....know where this is going? About 100yds away from Oasis the engine died, it was dark and the rain was beginning again. We managed to get ourselves to a dock and Andrew found his way back to Jeff & Sandy and they all piled into their dink to rescue me. Not a fun ending to a super dinner but Sandy and I found it hilarious...go figure!

The next morning it rained again, big time, and the winds kicked up and so did our anchor. We were dragging! Swimsuit on, the captain braved the wet cool wind and we gave the rest of the anchorage their breakfast entertainment. The rest of the day was spent trying to repair both outboards. What a way to begin our cruise!

Andrew found the problem with the big outboard (loose fuel supply line) and also got the small outboard going again. The weather on Tuesday was high winds from the south so we stayed in Solomon's.

Wednesday, brought north winds and a chance to get to Reedville, VA. halfway there the rain started. We got into Walt and Mary's slip and tied up since Thursday's forecast was for the remains of a storm named Nicole to come through. And through it came ....... all day heavy rain ......... high winds and Tornado warnings most of the day.

Walt and Mary have decided to get married...... and about time!! Friends of Walt and Mary were arriving at their house all afternoon and evening and we were very kindly invited to the rehearsal dinner where we met everybody. A lovely evening and great friends. 

Group from Hunter Sailing Club at Oxford.

Another group from Oxford

"Lets check this Rum out"

"No ...... I want some"

"And me"

"And me .... and I am the Commodore"

Rain and Rain and Rain.

Walt and Mary in Reedville VA the day before their wedding.

The storm went South to North.......... right over us all day and night.