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September  2012

Week One:

The week started off by us looking after the twins over the long weekend. We took the girls down to the local lake and went for a cruise on Sally the swan, and a train ride along the lake. The crew enjoyed the trip and then we all had a fine lunch.

After the long weekend we went home to clean up after the recent batch of rentals. We had a few repair jobs and plenty of washing to be done.

Towards the end of the week the Damascus Fair opened up and Vanessa decided to enter some of her pine needle baskets and her first water color. To our surprise she won several ribbons and was delighted with the result. The baskets took first prize for each category they were in. The watercolor took second place. For a small community there were some very good exhibits. One that we had never had the pleasure of seeing before was peanuts as they appear when dug out of the ground. Very interesting stuff!

The fair was fun and early in the evening they had an Ice Cream making contest and we got to sample all the different flavors.

The weather continues to be hot and muggy BUT the forecast for next week is cooler and less humid ...... finally.

Sally the swan

OMG behaving beautifully!

A ribbon on water color

Damascus Fair

Ice Cream winners.

Peanuts as we've never seen them!


Week Two:

This week we are on the boat again.  Our friends, Gene & Judy (Lo Que Sea) arrived at the marina and we managed to get together for a couple of hours of cruising gossip before we all went our separate ways.

On Tuesday morning we said goodbye to our neighbors on the dock at Anchorage. We have made some friends there this year with several of the live-aboards.  Sally, our immediate neighbor, made us dinner several times....we shall certainly miss her cheery smile and tasty offerings. I drove the van down to Annapolis and Andrew set sail. Later in the day he picked me up and off we went. We decided to depart Baltimore early in the week so that we could potter around and spend some time out at anchor before being hauled next week. Unfortunately our plans changed as they are wont to do! The engine is sluggish, we have no speed (and no wind) and the Captain is concerned - so we only spent a couple of very pleasant days on the hook, close to Holiday Point (our haul out marina). We are now at the dock and getting ready to remove 5 years worth of STUFF off the boat. Not sure where to begin!

Tally Ho leaving Anchorage Marina for its winter home on the hard in the South River.

Toadstool or mushroom? Whatever....it's beautiful! In the park at Harness Creek.

Lovely park, Harness Creek.

Tally Ho in Harness Creek

London Town Public House overlooking the South river

Week Three:

This week began by removing years of "stuff" from the boat to the van, and then into the basement at home. Not a nice chore, if there is such a thing as a NICE chore! The van (190,000 miles) has been a life saver in this situation. Unfortunately her days are numbered. Soon it'll be time to get a replacement (we're thinking heavy duty truck, plus a fifth wheel for fun).

On Tuesday morning the boat was lifted and the prop/rudder were covered in barnacles...... so we believe this was the cause of the speed problem when we came down from Baltimore. Let's hope that is the case! As soon as the boat was lifted we set off home.

Later on in the week Vanessa and Hannah took the twins to the Frederick fair to see the animals and then the girls came back to our house for a sleepover. It is such fun having them all to ourselves. They are a delight to be around.

It's now the end of the week and we are packing clothes yet again. This time for our trip to Europe. Six weeks of varying temperatures......I need a bigger suitcase!

Packing the van.

Up she comes.

This is the reason we did not make much speed down from Baltimore

Lots of growth where we had the rudder repair and only one coat of antifouling.

At home the (naughty) squirrel continues to entertain us getting to the bird food.

The twins at the Frederick fair.

Mother is busy.

Our girls enjoying the fair

Bubblebath time.

Week Four:

The cases filled up quickly and the kitchen sink had to stay home. Our friend and neighbor, Bob, drove us to the airport and we were away! Amercan Airlines had been having trouble all week with delayed and cancelled flights so we were understandably concerned.....well, it all turned out fine and our flights were on time. We arrived at Dublin airport exhausted because we had an overnight flight and we couldn't sleep. As we made our way out of the airport to get our rental car then heavens opened and the winds blew...of course we got soaked! Nice introduction to Ireland!!

Eventually we got into our car and headed for Inistioge, the little village we are staying in. It was a beautiful drive, once Andrew got the hang of manual gears. We found our "Coach House" rental home and have settled in, sort of. The walls are stone, no insulation, and it's cold here. We do have a log burning stove so that is good. It feels like we are in a mini medieval castle, pretty to look at, but not at all convenient. Fortunately we spend most of our day on the road, sightseeing, and we're only at home at night.

Ireland is certainly showing signs of the recession. The pubs we've been in are empty. The prices of food and everything else are quite expensive by American standards. Many village stores are closed. We've had some great conversations with the very friendly locals, and we've learned a lot about their everyday living conditions.

On our first full day we went to Kilkenny City and saw the Castle. Then we went to Woodstock gardens where we saw a wonderful collection of trees, cypress, cedar, yew and monkey.

On day two we went to Wexford, Waterford, Kilmore Quay, East Dunmore....it was a big driving day on tiny, winding roads and we have decided to take things a little slower so that we can enjoy some of the lovely country walks in the region.

We've seen several castles, abbeys, and plenty of ruins. History abounds in this small country.

Our house in Inistioge.

Kilkenney Castle

A side street in Kilkenny

Kell's (Augustinian) Priory

The Mill at Kell's

Waterford, clock tower

Reginald's Tower....1,000 year old Viking monument

River Nore

Our boudoir.....brrgh!

Graigh Na Manaugh on the Barrow river

Lock at Graigh Na Manaugh