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September  2013

Week One:

We have been delinquent lately but there has not been much news and we have been busy with house, boat and family. We spent our last week on the boat doing more repairs...what else is new! And had a day trip to Philadelphia for Vanessa to record some new audio demos in the hope of getting some work. She had a great day in the studio even though she had to pay for it!

We spent some time at the marina with old friends, Gene and Judy, and Bob and Frani (Sin Velas), dropped in for the weekend on their boat. In a couple of weeks we will take Tally Ho out of the water for the winter. Time is flying by.

Our house needs some TLC and there's enough work to see us through the winter. Since returning home Vanessa has spent some time with the girls and they spent a weekend with us too. It's nice having little helpers around, but I'd be lying if I didn't say it's nice when they go home too! Gosh we are getting old....too much energy for us.

We went to see Hannah in the Nations Triathlon at the weekend. There were around 4,000 entrants. We had to get up really early to get to DC on time. We left home in the dark and got to the parking lot by 6:00am. It was quite a walk to the transition area and Andrew's knee has been giving him trouble but we managed to get there on time to see Han enter the Potomac river for the mile long swim. Next it was 25 miles on the bike, followed by a 6 mile run. She did great and came in 7th (despite a 2 minute  penalty for overtaking where it was prohibited) for the women, 89th overall. She was done by 9:20 and we went back to the car to depart......Oh, oh! The streets had been closed for the race and we were stuck in the parking lot until 12:30pm. The only good thing was that the weather was great and we had taken food and chairs with us, so we sat under the cherry blossom trees in the tidal basin and enjoyed the scenery.


Fun at the pool.

Precious pieces!

Washington Monument at 6am.

I just finished the Nations Triathlon...I,m pooped!

Martin Luther King Memorial


Week Two, Three and Four:

How quickly time flies these days! There isn't much news to speak of. Among the many household chores we have, we attempted to top and prune our 40 ft. Cypress trees in the backyard (all are on a hill) and within short order we realized it was time to call the pros and pay the bucks. We are so glad with that decision. However, Andrew loves to play with tools so we only had them top the trees and he went off to rent a power tool to finish the job. Guess who had to help! Anyway, that job is now complete for at least a couple of years. We are praying we haven't killed our natural fence as that will present another problem.

The Benjamin's went camping again! This is the second time we've used our tent. This time we camped in Martinak State park, MD. It was a lot closer to where we needed to be for the weekend. Hannah entered the Chesapeake Ironman event in Cambridge, of course she stayed at the Hyatt Regency and offered her parents a decent shower if necessary. We were determined to make use of our new tent.............why???!!!!! Nothing beats a baked potato on the open firepit, well that's how I convince myself it's worth it. (And Larry if you're reading, No it wasn't 94 degrees when the fire was lit) We had to break camp at 5:00am in the dark so we could get to the event on time. That was not much fun, and to top it off we had pitched tent on an ants nest and we had ants crawling all over the flysheet. We plugged the event address into our GPS but got bad directions and ended up driving through the fog to a wild nature preserve with not another person in sight. Fortunately we had built in plenty of time, so after waving a police car down we got the right directions and arrived on time for a really fun five hours of swimming (1.2 miles), biking (66 miles) and running (10 miles). Hannah did the half ironman (Skipjack) event and placed second in the overall race (women) and first for her age group. 

We saw our friends, Jack and Sue, albeit Sue was in the hospital, but thankfully she's recovering well and we had a nice visit. Many of our cruising friends have had health issues this year. You are all in our thoughts!

We've had lots of ongoing projects that we've finished up, well almost, and we have left Baltimore and are now on the boat in Annapolis waiting to haul Tally Ho next week. Then we are off on another adventure. More on that next time!


Trees ready to trim down.

Camp Benjamin

Hannah ..... somewhere at the start of the half Iron Man

Hannah on the finish line of a half Iron Man