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May  2007

We have taken the boat out for some short trips up to Annapolis and down to the Rhode River and we have sailed on just the jib. Everything appears to be working (is that the kiss of death?).


Memorial Day weekend.

Saturday :Went to Shaw Bay on the Eastern shore and we had wine tasting on board Romper. Had a great time and did not need dinner when we returned to our boat. The next morning was very slow !!!!

Sunday : We decided to have a cocktail hour on our boat for the few of us that stayed in Shaw Bay.

Monday. Sailed back early.


Also had a day out with work friends. We went to Cantlers for lunch then sailed almost home when the webbing at the top of the mainsail broke and the main came down. We secured it around the boom and continued on the jib. However, then the jib broke loose from the tip of the mast and was useless. We motored home!  The next day Vanessa went to the top of the mast and retrieved both halyards. We took the sails to Doyles in Annapolis and they repaired all the webbing on both the sails. Back in business within 48 hours.